Guests are always welcome at our meetings!  They are held on the first Wednesday of the month (excluding holidays) at 7:30 PM at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center (map below).  The format includes an educational presentation, followed by refreshments, and a short business meeting.

Oxnard Advanced Water Purification Facility
Courtesy Kestrel Consulting

April 4, 2018

Water – Learn about Ventura County’s Cities Solutions to our unprecedented drought conditions in California.

As 2014 was the driest in 119 years, the State of California expanded emergency urban water regulations and issued drought emergency declarations.  Over the past 60 years, Ventura County has been proactive in the development of several different technologies used to counter-act current drought conditions, salt water intrusion, and local water shortages.

Professor Joseph M Saenz will present on how our local cities are pushing the envelope in using new and existing water-related technologies, Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 7:30 pm, at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center, Thousand Oaks Room, 800 Hobson Way, Oxnard. 

From the City of Oxnard reclaiming water, the Fillmore Fish Hatchery using water wells, the diversion of the Santa Clara River flow to prevent seawater from breaching our local aquifers and the creation of Lake Piru; we will learn how over the past 60 years, Ventura County has been proactive in the development of several different technologies used to counter-act current drought conditions, salt water intrusion, and local water shortages.

April 21st – 22nd, 2018

The Conejo Gem & Mineral Club Show, 44th Pageant of a Thousand Gems  is coming to Borchard Park, 190 Reino Rd., Newbury Park, CA, Sat, April 21st (10 am – 5 pm) and Sun. 22nd (10 am – 4 pm).

There are going to be Dealers (Minerals/Gems/Fossils/Rocks/Jewelry/Hobby Tools & Supplies) / Exhibits/Demonstrations/Door Prizes /Silent Auction/Plant Sales/ Youth Activities

  •  Free Entrance
  • Opportunity table
  • Door Prizes
  • Food & Drink available for purchase
  • Demonstrations
  • Silent Auctions


 Sunday, April 28

Professor Ed Young of the Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences will be presenting, “Rocks beyond our solar system – evidence from dead stars”

White dwarf stars are the stellar cores left behind by Sun-like stars after they have exhausted their nuclear fuel. Some of these dead stars still have rocky bodies orbiting them that are similar to our asteroids. These orbiting objects sometimes fall into the stellar atmosphere and vaporize, releasing their elements which then contribute to the spectral lines visible with telescopes.
The chemical similarities between rocks in our solar system and the rock-forming elements floating in the atmospheres of white dwarf stars provide good evidence that rocky planets elsewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy are similar to the rocky planets in our solar system. This, in turn, suggests that Earth-like planets are not unusual.  For more info visit:

  Joshua Tree National Park Association

The Desert Institute offers classes for adult learners in cultural history, natural science, survival skills, desert naturalist studies, women’s programs, citizen science, and creative arts. All programs are taught by expert instructors who provide a personal and fun learning experience on these educational adventures.  Some of these classes offer college credit.

April 7-8 – Geology of the Mojave National Preserve
April 21 – Geology of the Mable Mountains
April 28 -29 Advanced Mammal Tracking in Joshua Tree National Park

National Park Service

2018 Fee Free Days on Federal Public Lands

Here are the 2018 fee free days offered for recreation sites under the management of the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service.  While many parks, facilities and services associated with these agencies are free, some require a fee. Recreation fees, authorized by the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, enable federal land management agencies to reinvest in the management of various recreation sites.

2018 Fee Free Days

April 21 – First Day of National Park Week
National Park Service
June 9 – National Get Outdoors Day
U.S. Forest Service
September 22 – National Public Lands Day
National Park Service/U.S. Forest Service
November 11 – Veterans Day
National Park Service
U.S. Forest Service (11th and 12th)

Death Valley National Park Fossil Thieves

$1,000 Reward – Death Valley National Park

Fossil Thieves stole several fossilized footprints, which had been left in a lakebed by mammals and birds, were missing. Now, Ryan F. Mandelbaum reports for Gizmodo, the National Park Service is asking for the public’s help in identifying a group of backpackers who may have information on the ancient tracks.  In a statement, the National Park Service released the photos of three men who might have witnessed the crime or have knowledge about the disappearance of the footprints. Investigators are offering an award of up to $1000 “for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of those responsible,” the statement reads. According to Mandelbaum, investigators are planning to interview visitors who frequented the Park at the time of theft, in the hopes that someone will be able to provide valuable clues.

Destroying—or pilfering—the property of national parks is prohibited by law. “It’s illegal to collect fossils, rocks, or anything else in National Parks,” Park Superintendent Mike Reynolds said in a statement about the fossil thefts. “The purpose of National Parks is to conserve the landscape and everything it contains for the next generation. I ask that visitors come and enjoy all there is to see, and to leave it unimpaired for others to enjoy.”

The National Park Service has asked anyone with information about the stolen fossils to call the Investigative Services Branch at 1-888-653-0009.

The Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society meets at the:

Oxnard Performing Arts Center
Thousand Oaks Room
800 Hobson Way
Oxnard, California 93030