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Oxnard Performing Arts Center

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The Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society Proudly Presents
The 46th Annual Galaxy of Gems Expo -

Oxnard Performing Arts Center
800 Hobson Way
Oxnard, California 93030


November 7th & 8th 2015


Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Sunday:   10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Free Admission
Free Parking
Free Hourly Door Prizes

We will host about 70 display cases that will showcase the talents and artistic skills of members and guest exhibitors. Some of the displays and activities are directed towards teaching students about the earth sciences.

Driving Directions


The Show also offers:


Each child will receive a free polished rock.


Take part in the National Park Service Paleontologist Junior Ranch Program (Ages 5-12).  OGMS is an official National Park Service Partner. 


“Pebble Pub”, a fun quiz for the kids to fill out, is based on our displays.


Dino Discovery - Collect 36 different free Dinosaur Trading Cards.


A scout badge requirement, “Make A Fossil” is one of our many activities.


Dino Dig!  Choose a fist size “rock” and dig out one of 12 different Dinos!


Games and crafts for kids.


Feed Fred - Bean Bag Toss Game


Teachers with their Teacher ID will receive Earth Science Posters and material to display in their classrooms. By the way, teachers come early, we only have limited quantizes.

Rock Crystal_600

More Show Photos

Watch Past Show Video

Watch Dinosaur Discovery

School and Scouting groups are always welcome at the show. A badge requirement, “Make A Fossil” is one of our many activities.

Activities throughout both days will include demonstrations of lapidary techniques, glass-bead making, wire wrapping and rock polishing.  A silent auction will offer rock and mineral treasures.  On hand will be a select group of dealers with gems, minerals, fossils, stone beads, Idaho opals, silver  craft, finished jewelry, tools, lapidary supplies and books about earth science and more.

To have something for everyone in the family, we will also have Book and Plant Sales. It's a great opportunity to do some early Holiday shopping. We really do have some excellent prices on jewelry and mineral curiosities from around the globe.

Most of all, it is a great opportunity to have some fun!

Education Booth
Kids Activities

Free Activites

  • What color is your Dinosaur? (Coloring Contest with prizes)
  • Dino Trackways (Various dinosaur footprint stamps including some adults & babies. Make a story!)
  • Individual rock cards (Volcanic-Metamorphic- Sedimentary)
  • Dinosaur Diamond books (Where can you go to see real Dino bones, tracks etc.)
  • Touch Rocks (larger samples of many assorted rocks, fossils and minerals that kids can touch & explore)
  • Legend of the Apache tear (obsidian nodule) Get at the front desk in foyer)
  • Free hourly drawing tickets (kids prizes available) Get in the foyer entry
  • Pebble pup Challenge (A scavenger hunt activity designed to get the kids to look at all the display cases)
  • Dino Cards (18 collectable Dino cards, each day, available from demonstrators and educational guest-read a dino fact and be given a free card)
  • DemonstratorsSee how to polish a rock and make jewelry out of the rocks
  • About 60 Display cases of minerals, especially Pyrite, this show’s theme, fossils, cut stones, silverwork and fieldtrips. Check out the pebble pup cases!
  • Educational Guests activities. Women in Mining and Santa Paula oil Museum, both have an activity for kids. David Mautz will be there to show kids (& adults) how to clean up the local shells for display.
  • National Parks Service Junior Paleontologist Program: The Booklet from the Park Service is available ahead of time (email dknapton to get booklets for your class) or at the show.  There is a geologist at the show to go over the books with the kids and give them their National Park Junior Paleontologist Certificate.
  • BLM’s Junior Booklet: This one is a little “easier” than the parks booklet.  The 28 Pages include the rock cycle, hands on activity on layering and how to classify (If you need rocks for the activity in your classroom, let us know or use your Earth Science kit).  The booklet can be done in class or at home.  Again our Geologist will check it and give the certificate at the show.  We have hard copies of the book to deliver before the show

Low cost activities


    • Volcanic Rock set—6 different volcanic rocks, intrusive and extrusive, in an egg carton set
    • Make a fossil—kids can make their own molded “rock” with impressions of their own choice (may not be available Saturday before noon) or buy one already made to take home and paint or color if you don’t have time to wait for it to dry
    • Diamond Dan kids booklets


  • Diggin’ DinosFind the dinosaur skeleton buried in the sandstone and take it home to show your friends. Twelve different dinos are hidden in the “rocks”
  • Mini Miners—Dig for rocks and minerals, maybe even find some fools gold.

Games Booth

  • Rock Bags: With a selection from 15 different rocks and minerals for you to discover. Each bag has an arrowhead and a sharks tooth  $1.00
  • Feed Fred: A 3 D teenage T-Rex who is hungry! Toss small dino’s in his mouth so he won’t eat you!
  • Wheel of Fortune: Spin to win prizes—rocks, jewelry and more $.25 & $.50
  • Sand sifting

Teacher Freebies for the 2014 Oxnard Show


 Fabulous Fossils: showing dinosaurs, Mammoths and others found on public lands.  It is full color with the back printed with good educational activities about understanding geological time and how fossils are dated.

Dinosaurs: A great poster from BLM that illustrates that we have no idea what colors dinosaurs really were.  The poster is in black & white and can be colored any way you wish.  The illustrations are really well done.  It was made for National Fossil Day, in October.

 Rock Samples: As always, we have different rock samples for teachers to choose from including garnet, feldspar, pumice, mica pegmatite, trilobites and more.


 Bring your teacher ID or proof that you work in the school system



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